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This year the gatherings for the big game might be smaller, but you can still bring big flavor to your event with some outrageously delicious collections of Charcuterie offerings. Thanks to fine purveyors of cured meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies etc., like Di Bruno Bros, you can have all the tasty party essentials delivered right to your door. Here are some of this year’s top assortments of meats and cheeses that can make your cheese plate, or charcuterie platters a big winner.

This is the perfect assortment of strong, dense and flavorful cheeses. They can easily hold their own with your favorite brew, or spirit. The collection features tasty, local cheddar, classic Parmigiano and nutty Gouda style Prima Donna, along with a bag of Di Bruno Bros Snack Mix. The mix is a blend of premium roasted nuts, and savory crackers that goes perfectly with the flavors of the cheeses. Finally, the package includes a Di Bruno Bros Salami (8 oz.). This salami is a cut above. It is a true traditional Italian salami, produced with regional Italian spices and slowly air-cured for at least 45 days to bring out the maximum flavor. Bring in this collection, add your favorite adult beverages and it’s game on! Serves 8-10 for just $100 < Order Now >

If wine is your choice when it comes rooting on your team, the Wine Lover’s Collection delivers all the goodies you need to bring out the best in your favorite vino. The package includes a tangy American cheddar, a creamy, nutty delicious Manchego sheep’s milk cheese, a tasty swiss Schnebelhorn cheese, and a bold Piave Vecchio that is perfect with both red and white wines. In addition to the great collection of cheeses, the collection also contains a package of Artisan Candied Nuts (5 oz.). Crunchy, but not overly sweet, they pair well with the cheeses and the Italian style salami that also is part of this delicious combo. Serve 8-10 friends for $100 < Order Now >

Many believe that only thing that really goes with a big game, is a big beautiful authentic Italian hoagie! This kit delivers all the fixin’s you need to bring that classic Philly favorite home. Di Bruno Bros. will ship across the nation everything you need. Includes “real deal” Philly hoagie rolls, aged provolone, rustic prosciutto, coppa, and salame, as well as roasted peppers, crunchy kettle chips and Di Bruno Bros. cheese spread. You've got just about all you need to transport your taste buds to the Italian Market. The kit even includes a blueprint for building your hoagie masterpiece. All you need is some fresh veggies (and up to 6 of your hungriest friends or family) when you're ready to devour. Makes Six 9" sandwiches. Serve 6 to 12 friends for $100 < Order Now >

Di Bruno Bros. is one of the top providers of fine Italian cheeses. They were the very first to carry Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and aged Asiago in Philadelphia. With the Italian Cheese Collection, Di Bruno Bros. bring you the finest Italian cheeses, hand-selected by their certified cheese professionals. If you want to take your cheese board to the next level this collection has it all. This collection includes: Auricchio Stravecchio Provolone (seriously sharp, aged for three years); Sottocenere al Tartufo (Fontina-like in texture, with truffles throughout); Asiago Stravecchio (a delightful medium-aged Asiago cheese that is rich and satisfying with tropical fruit notes); Moliterno Bianco Sardo (a lush, classic Italian Pecorino aged for a minimum of six months); Pantaleo (a rare goat's milk semi-firm cheese with a smooth finish and a touch of spice). The package also includes a classic Di Bruno Salami. Enjoy the game. Serves 8-10 friends for just $100 < Order Now >

Di Bruno provides extraordinary food experiences, inspired by their legacy. Plus, they just really love cheese. To read more . . .


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