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Gold Medal Wine Club is the Best Wine Club on the planet. Period.

Established over 25 years ago, Gold Medal Wine Club offers 6 different Wine of the Month Clubs so you can find a wine club that fits your wine preferences, quality and your budget. You can enjoy small production, hard-to-find, award winning wines from California and the world's best small wineries. Each wine Gold Medal Wine Club features is sent to you at below the winery direct prices. You save money every month, and get to taste different wines every time. This is a great way to go wine tasting without leaving your home. wines are delivered directly to your door. You can not go wrong with Gold Medal Wine Club, period.

Gold Medal Wine Club is the best

The Gold Medal Wine Club searches for small production, award-winning wines from California and the world's best boutique wineries and delivers them direct to wine enthusiasts across the country.

These highly allocated, hard-to-find wines are usually only available at the winery and not typically found in stores.

Learn more about our wine selection criteria. Exceptional wines available at up to 40% off winery retail prices All visitors to the Gold Medal Wine Store receive discounts off winery retail prices.

1.) The Gold Wine Club delivers award-winning wines from California, usually one red and one white from the same family owned winery. You can choose two reds or even two whites if you want. Twelve different wineries 24 different bottles throughout the year.

Starts at $39.98 monthly - Save on Annual 12 month gift.

2.) The Platinum Club features only 90+ rated wines. Two different winery's wines are in each monthly wine club shipment. they are usually two different red wines. Although getting a 90+ rated Chardonnay once in a while is fantastic. The average monthly the price is $96 for the two bottles. Well below winery direct prices. I really enjoy the wines they feature. I like saving 20% on great wines. The wines are from the top independent winemakers throughout Napa and various AVA's in California. The newsletters are very informative and easy to read.

3.) The Garagiste Wine Club, is an incredible way to enjoy very high quality, very limited production wines. When you read the newsletters, you can learn why the wines are so rare and so good. The winemakers, usually are working for a truly recognized Winery in and around Napa, Paso Robles, Sonoma and most diffidently in California. To qualify as a Garagiste Winery, the annual production needs to be under 1500 cases. The cost is just $69 for two different wines from two different winemakers. Once again, around 20% off winery direct prices.

4.) The Pinot Noir Club is just that, a wine club for Pinot Noir lovers. Every month Gold Medal includes two different chooses from two different wineries. All 90+ rated wines. Just like the other wine clubs you can choose monthly, ever-other-month, or even quarterly shipments. Great wines every time. Your price for two bottles of Pinot is $76, around 20% off retail.

5.) The International Wine Club is an adventure waiting. All wines are exclusively imported by Gold Medal Wine Club. This Wine club ships quarterly (four times a year), but they are outstanding wines. Imagine being one of less than 1000 wine aficionados in the United States to be able to enjoy these wines with friends. The three bottles are two reds and one white in each shipment. Wines are from France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Argentina have been featured. $79 for the three bottles is a great deal. Check out the Adventure Package of Gourmet food items that pair with the wines. All of the selections are exclusively imported.

6.) The Diamond Wine Club features the best of the best highly-sought-after wines - More times than not the wines are from a small production, family-owned winery in Napa. Every quarterly shipment includes two wines with 93+ ratings. More times than not both bottles are red wines. But you can rest assured, they are not the same and represent the best of the best. Only 500 members enjoy these wines. Figure on spending $188 for the two bottles.

Gold Medal Wine of the Month Club

Unlike other wine clubs, Gold Medal Wine Club does not choose wines based solely on their palate preferences. The wines featured in each of the 6 wine Clubs Club must meet strict selection criteria that includes multiple medals from major wine competitions, and high ratings from national wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, and Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate. The wines produced by these boutique wineries are among the best in the world.

Gold Medal Wine Club members receive greater discounts than visitors, members receive additional discounts for multiple series memberships, and also receive additional loyalty discounts on wines in the wine store, based on membership level at checkout.

Shop the Wine Store for exceptional wines at up to 40% off winery retail prices. Shop NOW >

Shipping not included in above prices - Prices subject to change without notice.


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