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Tasty Father’s Day Gifts

Picking out gifts for Dad can sometimes be a challenge. If your father likes grilling, craft beer, a good glass of wine, or a shot of whiskey, we’ve got some suggestions for treating him right. If he likes a flavorful cigar to go with his beverages, then read on for gift ideas sure to be a home run.

The Grill Masters Club

Every BBQ pitmaster knows the secret to great grilling is good meat, slow heat and just the right seasoning rubs, marinades and sauces. To make sure your dad’s grilling game is always on point give him a membership to the Grill Masters Club. You can give a 3, 6, or 12 month membership. Every month a box filled with 4-5 products will arrive at his doorstep with great seasonings to make his BBQ shine. Items like rubs, sauces, marinades and accompanied by proven recipes. Its pit perfection for just $37.99 per month – includes shipping.

The Original Craft Beer Club

Anytime of the year is a good time for dad to enjoy a cold craft brew. The Original Craft Beer Club searches out the best-of-the-best beers from around the country and delivers the monthly selections right to dad’s home. Give one month, or as many as you like. Each shipment includes 12 World-Class Craft Beers (3 beers each in 4 different styles selected from 2 distinguished craft breweries.) In addition, the shipments will also include a Micro Brew Newsletter and the first delivery will include a personalized gift card. $43 per month - includes shipping.

The Gold Medal Wine Club

If your father enjoys relaxing with a glass of quality wine then the gift of the Gold Medal Wine Club is a winning gift. Each month California’s best small production, medal-winning wines will show up at the door waiting to be enjoyed. Each shipment includes two top wines, an informative newsletter and the first month arrives in a gift box with personalized card. You can choose red or white wines or do a combo. Six wine clubs to choose from.

Gold Wine Club Just $42 per month - shipping cost varies by State

Flaviar Premier Whiskey & Spirits Club could just be a must do.

A Flaviar membership is an amazing gift for someone special in your life, or a great experience you can share with your own Dad. A Flaviar membership lets you or your gift recipient claim a Premium bottle and a themed Tasting Box of choice each quarter, plus access to rare, exclusive and private bottlings, a guided journey through the world of Spirits with tailored recommendations, a bustling community that rates and reviews, and unique members-only events.

Members get unlimited free shipping on qualifying orders, Flaviar Originals, and quarterly spirits deliveries. Shipping for all other orders is 50% off. $95 per quarter - $300 - 4 quarters - Free Shipping Give Quarterly or 4 quarterly Shipments.

For cigar loving dads this club is a real treat.

The Original Premium Monthly Cigar Club

For over 25 years, The Cigar Club has been delivering limited production, hand-rolled, highly-rated cigars sourced from around the world. Each shipment includes: Five exceptional premium cigars with a retail value between $6-$12 per cigar. The cigars come in a variety shapes, sizes, and tobacco blends from the world’s most respected, top producing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Each shipment includes tasting notes, cigar specifications, cigar maker profiles, and suggested drink pairings. As a club member, dad will also be able to reorder his favorite cigars at significant discounts. Premium Cigar Club $27 per month +$5 shipping. Give Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments.

Now it's time to think about sharing a treat with everyone that comes to celebrate and party.

Create a Charcuterie & Cheese platter to share

For a barbeque there's nothing is easier, or tastier than serving a charcuterie platter filled with favorite cold meats, creamy cheeses, tasty dips, crusty breads and crunchy crackers for everyone to enjoy while the steaks are on the grill.

Choose three to five cheeses with a variety of types, shapes and colors. For texture combine a few wheels of semi-hard/hard aged varieties like cheddars, or goudas and perhaps some wedges of brie or goat cheese. Along with the cheeses, be sure to have plenty of cured meats. Some popular options are Salami, Dry Coppa, Prosciutto, and Black Pepper coated Italian Dry Salami. Make sure they are pre-sliced for easy eating.

If your store nearby has a limited deli and gourmet food section, then a great way to get all your internationally cured meats and gourmet cheeses, are from trusted online providers who will deliver the goods right to your door. Some of the top gourmet food vendors are (great purveyors of French Prosciutto and hard-to find free-range game), or (offering a delicious salami sampler), or get a variety of antipasto meats and cheese from For palate pleasing cheeses, a favorite go-to is Murrays Cheeses, they also have all kinds of delicious meats and crackers as well.

Plenty of Fruit for All

Since everyone loves fresh fruit, make sure you pick out an assortment of colorful favorites. Spring is great for strawberries, kiwis, apricots, orange slices, blackberries and perhaps some juicy honeydew melon.

Small Bites

The key keeping things light, but making sure nobody goes away hungry is to supplement the cold cuts with plenty of small snacks. Olives, nuts, colorful bowls of dips or fresh salsa and of course a few plates of rich chocolates are perfect accessories for a Father's Day Barbeque.

Here are two more great gift options you may want to consider for Dads who loves good food and good times.


Each month, Di Bruno Bros. food experts collect varied and exquisite cuts, chubs, jars, and slabs of meat. Sometimes accompanied by pairing accouterments, sometimes featured as a trio of variations, and always presented within a theme along with detailed notes, this popular club arrives straight to you doorstep like clockwork. RECENT PAIRINGS included this trio: Spreadable Tempesta Nduja Salami, Classic Brooklyn Cured Bresaola and traditional Spicy Soppressata with a kick. Every shipment will tantalize you and your friends tastebuds.

$200 (4 months, $50 monthly) - Free Shipping monthly Give 4 / 8 / or 12 Shipments


Each month, members of The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club receive three different hand-crafted artisan and farmhouse cheeses about a 1/2 pound each made from pure and natural, quality ingredients, accompanied by our monthly newsletter offering detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions. Each selection is freshly cut to order from wheels or blocks the same day that it’s shipped, and hand-wrapped in deli paper to allow it to breathe.

Gourmet Cheese Club $38.95 per month - plus $14 Shipping Give Monthly or 2 to 12 shipments


Top Charcuterie Sites for Clubs, Gifts and to Shop

At we think Dad’s are worth celebrating all year long and we have a wide selection of gifts to give. Enjoy & Share the best collections & selections of Charcuterie Cured Meats, Gourmet Cheese, Charcuterie Boards & Platters, Accompaniments, Fine Wines, Craft Beers, Liquor & Spirits. Give a club membership, a gift box or basket.

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