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Mangalica Ham from Spain

Ham connoisseurs, take note. This is the ham of all hams, with unparalleled texture and deep flavor. Dry-cured in Spain for three years, it's a rare combination of perfect breeding and masterful preparation.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Mangalica hogs are raised on pasture at family farms dedicated to traditional methods with the highest standards.

Mangalica ham offers the taste of yesterday, brought to you in a roundabout route. This old-breed pig is local to the Hungarian Steppe where its thick, curly coat of hair protects it from the elements.

The Spanish, recognized worldwide as masters of ham, dry cure the legs in the customary way for an average of three years to produce ham of overwhelming perfection, with intense flavor and abundant marbling.

Fourth-generation maestro jamoneros (literally “ham masters”) in Spain know good pork, and they established a partnership with the Mangalica pig farmers. Because of intense marbling, the leg of a Mangalica hog can age far longer than the average pig, allowing a deep flavor to develop without losing moisture.

It’s a combination made in heaven; the distinctive dark meat and abundant marbling ensure that every morsel is tender and flavorful

  • Product of Spain

  • Made from heritage-breed Mangalica pigs

  • Raised on pasture in the Hungarian Steppe region

  • Controlled, all vegetarian diet

  • Meat Fully air-cured for 24-42 months in Spain

  • No nitrites added

  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants

  • Ships ready to carve and serve

  • Shelf life of six months if kept refrigerated

  • Price subject to change without notice

Mangalica Bone-In Ham (12-16 lb. avg.) $399.99

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