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Find the best charcuterie gifts within your budget for your family, friends & business associates.  Every merchant featured has a reputation of longevity, passion, pride, palate pleasing selections, responsive customer service & satisfaction guarantees.


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Give the best Charcuterie gift in your price range.

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We have an array of charcuterie gift choices in every price range to meet your budget. Give a chsrcuterie Gift Box, Basket, Gift Combination, or a Monthly Club.  Choose from the best of the best Charcuterie Meats, Gourmet Cheese, Charcuterie Boards, Fine Wines, Craft Beer & Spirits. Personalized Gift Cards can be included. 

If you are looking for hard-to-find, Gourmet Foods, Wines & Spirits, not available in your local grocery, take a look at the top stores we feature. We selected only the best of the best independent suppliers. Discover the delicious world of specialty Cured and Dried Meats, Pates, incredible Cheeses &  Charcuterie Accompaniments and more . . . including; Prosciutto, Capicola, Bresaola, Mortadella, Pancetta, Salame, Asiago, Galbani, Ricotta di Bufala, Artisan Jellies & Jams Crackers & more... Shop & pair with your favorite Wines, Craft Beer & Spirits.

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Every Merchant featured has a history of longevity, passion, pride, palate pleasing selections, responsive customer service & satisfaction guarantees that they have built their reputations on. Current promotions will be on their website.

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Charcuterie comes from the French words

chair – flesh and cuit – cooked.

Pronunciation: shahr/kew/tree in France

Pronunciation: shahr-koo-tuh-ree here

The main difference between charcuterie and cheese board is their ingredients; charcuterie basically refers to various meat products, while cheese board refers to a selection of cheeses served together. However, it’s important to note that the words charcuterie board and cheese board are interchangeable in today's world!

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Charcuterie (shaar·koo·tr·ee) Gifts

Charcuterie is the ancient art of arranging various cured meats including sausage, bacon, salami, ham, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit. A cheese board or platter refers to a selection of cheeses served as a course of a meal. In today's world, charcuterie and cheese boards or platters are considered to be the identical, good to hear. In addition to meat & cheese, boards or platters, can have a variety of artesian breads, crackers, dips, fruits, and nuts. All paired with fine wines, craft beers or a good mixed drinks. We have the best selections categorized by price to meet you budget - Shop Now! Have Fun, Enjoy Charcuterie with friends!

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